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As the school has entered into 47th year of excellence in education , I reflect on my own experience as a student of Bharat Bharati in 70s and now as a Principal of the school. In 47 years of our existence the school has experienced many changes , from it's humble beginning as a Primary School to a well settled Senior Secondary School . I believe that our model for education equips our students with the knowledge and competency to become leaders. 

  I am proud to say that students of the school are bringing a good name to the school not only at District or State level but students have registered their presence also at National Level. This endeavor was not possible without the sincere efforts by the teachers and continuous support of parents . Though our School will strive to make the academic progress a hallmark but above all, it remains committed to give to the nation the citizens of tomorrow with their traditional values intact and their aspirations enhanced. The School organises various competitions to enhance presentation skills among students. 

 The school makes arrangements to engage top ranking coaching institutes to provide quality coaching to the Medical and Engineering aspirants. The idea is to equip our students to face the competitive world tomorrow. Today, we live in a rapidly changing world. The advances made in the field of Science and Technology are so spectacular and so numerous that it has become important to keep the students in touch with these changes.

 In our worthy institution, we aim at giving the child concrete foundation for his high rising character and a brighter future by way of adopting progressive means of education.

As we know that life is an art in which education must teach to every child. we endeavor with innovative technique and teaching methods to channelize the undeveloped capacities, attitude, and interests of the child into healthy way of life.

I seek your cooperation for a better tomorrow of your child.